Terms and conditions of the calibration service
 1. Prices.
  Standard calibration rates are provided in the LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY price list. All discounts, special prices and conditions applicable to a specific contract or to the Customer will be included in a price list specific to the Customer or the contract. Calibration tariffs for equipment not included in the price list will be indicated in The reception of the equipment. All special discounts and promotions require minimum calibration services.
 B. Changes. With the exception of the contract-specific pricing indicated above, or the prices already quoted and accepted as represented by the customer's purchase order for the services to be performed, LABORATOIRE LAAS-ENPO. Reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to change tariffs, prices, and terms.
 2. Calibration service performed. Calibration will be carried out to confirm that each unit of LABORATORY LAAS-ENPO instrument. LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY ") meets the accuracy and performance specifications of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) published. A standard number of data points will be evaluated in accordance with the LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY. Specific test points or customer tolerances are required by the customer, additional requirements shall be specified in writing by the Customer prior to the commencement of the calibration work and may be subject to a supplement for this work.
. Special Calibration Requirements. All calibration requirements that do not comply with the LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY standards, including documentation, must be requested in writing prior to the start of work and may incur additional costs.
4. Repairs required for calibration. If repair is required, repair approval will be sought from the customer only if the repair cost of the LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY instrument. Is greater than fifty (50%) Percentage of cost to replace LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY. Instrument LABORATOIRE LAAS- ENPO .. All other repairs must be carried out without the client's approval unless LABORATOIRE LAAS-ENPO. Has agreed to evaluate the instrument at no additional cost. Repairs and / or replacements for LAAS-ENPO.s EON S LABORATORY INSTRUMENTS will be provided at no additional charge, subject to the terms and conditions of the program and the additional warranty provisions described below and Exhibit A, . If the repair is approved by the customer, LABORATOIRE LAAS-ENPO. Will begin work to bring the LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY instrument. Within specified tolerances. An assessment fee for determining the cost of repair may or may not apply depending on whether the repair conditions can be determined during the normal calibration work and whether the LABORATORY LAAS-ENPO instrument. Must be returned to a factory-approved supplier or repair center for evaluation or repair. The customer will be required to pay the overhead of a repair assessment, including shipping costs, even if he refuses to repair the LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY instrument.
 5. Equipment that can not be repaired or can not be calibrated. If an instrument LABORATORY LAAS-ENPO. Does not meet all specifications, regardless of calibration, or if the Customer refuses to have the LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY instrument repaired or repaired. According to specifications, or for any other reason, decides not to carry out the calibration of the LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY instrument. After the start of the work, the customer must be loaded for the calibration and for any work approved by the Customer before the end of the calibration work. The LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY instrument. Will be labeled with a LABORATORY LAAS-ENPO. "Broken instrument" and returned to the Customer with a return notice and all "as found" data, provided that such data is available and the Customer has requested such information. If documentation of the test data is required, it may be provided at an additional charge. The LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY instrument. Are subject to the warranty and program provisions set forth in Exhibit A, attached hereto.
 6. Minimum and subsequent costs. The specified one-hour minimum evaluation fee applies to all equipment (other than the LAAS-ENPO LABORATORY instrument sent to LABORATOIRE LAAS-ENPO for repairs.) A subsequent cost estimate will be provided if repairs are required. Repairs will begin only after the client has approved the estimate.

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