Auto & systems analysis laboratory

Date of creation

Laboratory automatic & Analyses of systems by abbreviation LAAS-ENPO was established in June 2000 by the Ministry of higher education and scientific research and approved by the State under the number 88 - 370 from 25-07 - 2000

Calibration & Analysis Division

With the Division of research & development, calibration & Analysis Division form the laboratory LAAS in the ENPO.


The LAAS laboratory is located within the National Polytechnic School (ex ENSET) in a pleasant and attractive architecture; geographic coordinates in google maps are ave precision: 35.667155,-0.632350

Regulatory texts governing its operation:

  1. Executive Decree No. 92-05 January 04, 1992, setting the terms of allocation of revenue from the work of services provided by public institutions in addition to their main mission.
  2. Decree of February 16, 1993, with application of the provisions of Executive Decree No. 92-05 January 04, 1992.
  3. Executive Decree n ° 2000-196 23 Rabie Ethani 1421, corresponding to July 25, 2000, setting the terms of direct use of resources generated by the activities of the public establishment for scientific, cultural and professional character.
  4. Decree No. 03-301 of the 14 rajab1424 corresponding to September 11, 2003 on markets code public.


Our laboratories are located in a nice and spacious Site and their climate is controlled.

Some activities

Human resources

Professors and engineers experienced metrologists.

Moyens matériels

Equipment of the last generation.