Current, Voltage and Resistance Calibration Service

To cover your needs in:

Quality assurance
  • Respect of recalibration periodicity
  • Responding to audit requirements
  • Respect de la périodicité de réétalonnage
  • Réponse aux exigences d'audit


For all makes and models :
• For measuring and / or current generating instruments, voltage and resistance / standard resistors and resistance bridges
• Verifiable parameters: DC DC, DC DC voltage, DC DC resistance
• Calibration under DKD / DAkkS accreditation (equivalent to ALGERAC) according to ISO / IEC 17025, or factory calibration related to international standards (not accredited)
• Measuring ranges; Up to 100 V, 100 mA and 10 kΩ
• Uncertainties: from 10 to 40 ppm depending on the range
• Possible adjustment of the instrument


Recommended calibration period for measuring instruments and current, voltage and resistance generation: 1 year