Calibration and Verification of Instruments
in Algeria
Benefits of Metrology (calibration, verification and tests) multi-domain conducted in laboratory or on-site, guaranteeing the traceability to the International system of units (SI) and the results meet the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO10012
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Calibration on Site & laboratories

LAAS-ENPO, Algerian calibration laboratory, offers in accordance with the ISO17025 standard calibration services for different sectors such as the pharmaceutical, agri-food, aerospace industry... etc.

LAAS-ENPO has of material resources at the cutting edge technology and a multidisciplinary technical team perfectly mastering the requirements laid down by national and international standards and regulations in force. This way we ensure the calibration of your instruments of temperature, weight, pressure, dimensional, and volumetric devices.

LAAS-ENPO will perform your calibrations in its laboratories or on your website, ensuring optimal delivery times and competitive prices.

Metrological management

LAAS-ENPO offers a made-to-measure management of measurement equipment that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standards, ISO / IEC 17025.

This service can include several levels of interventions with regard to inventory control and the history of the instruments, metrology and maintenance management, and control of the availability of the Park and its possession and operating costs.

LAAS-ENPO has developed tools and methods to support and optimize these levels of services, in particular:

  • Dedicated software (see page) software
  • Solutions of rationalisation and pooling of parks
  • A methodology of optimization of the calibration intervals

These services are carried by teams of specialists which the recommendations are based on audits targeted that can address the various components of the process, such as the identification of the needs, inventories, planning and management of calls checking and calibration, maintenance plans, logistics tracking, the update of the databases. They meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standards, ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO 10012.

Supply and distribution of the measuring devices

LAAS-ENPO offers its customers the one-time provision (loan or rental) or final new equipment or refurbished by ensuring their traceability to the SI and their metrological quality. These services are provided as part of the services management and optimization of park or on specific request.


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A few partners

Our customers and partners come from the socio-economic sector mainly.