With LOGO! 8, LAAS-ENPO offers the next generation of its flagship logic module. This new module meets virtually all customer requirements with its simplified control, revisited display and full Ethernet communication capabilities. The webserver application is a model of simplicity. A communication module allows remote communication via the mobile telephone network, thus extending the scope of the LOGO!


New generation of logic modules:

  • 8 basic units for all voltages, with or without display.
  • All units are equipped with an Ethernet interface as compact as the LOGO! 6 (70mm wide) and the connections are compatible with the previous versions.
  • Embedded web server in all base units.
  • Revisited display.
  • Seven digital modules and three analog modules.Zeven digital - in dal analoge modules.
  • Increased configuration: 16 to 20 digital outputs and 2 to 8 analog outputs.